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It's my duty to procreate puppies.

For that purpose often I only get two chances.

Most bitches come too early, and a few too late.

If the mating has succeeds, then I am a "good boy" and everybody makes a big song and dance

I am only responsible for half the quality of the puppies born.

For their bite, angulation's, topline, eyes and so on.

Keep in your mind HALF responsible, have a look to genetics.

Remember I do not carry them and I do not feed them and do not raise them up or make them ready for the show ring.

Their possible development is not in my total control. For that they have their mother and breeder/owner.

I don't meddle with breeding plans. As for Pedigrees. I don't give a damn. I don't care about breeding rules. I am not bothered

About obtaining the pick of the litter. It's not my task to give guarantees on health, beauty nor behaviour.

The only task I have, is the mating, - and having the right titles, ancestors or owner. This is my everyday job.

It is also not my task to give Tickets, CC, CAC/IB. I am not a judge, but just an ordinary boy.

Yet everybody gives me all the good points of my progeny...with that they are very generous.

What really surprises me, again and again, is when one of my children has a defect, and then they can't stop getting enraged about me. All of a sudden I am turned out to a USELESS stud dog. I can’t do any good anymore.

BREEDING IS GAMBLING, "it takes two to tango". I wish everybody would remember this.

If everybody would have as much knowledge of breeding as I have of mating's, then it would be much, much nicer inside the WORLD OF THE DOG






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