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About Vom Burgseeli

Welcome to our site, 

Before you view our dogs, come with me and I`ll tell you how I got started.

Once upon a time.........

When I had just left the cradle I met a black bear on the street. I instantly fell in love without knowing what breed it was . I promised myself that later, when I would have grown up, this was going to be my bear.It would take quite a few years, but then the BEAR knocked at my door. In 1980 my first Newfoundland arrived, unfortunately not meeting my expectations, but the second very much did.

As I was born in Switzerland I very well knew and appreciated the Berner Sennenhund.My first Bernese Mountain dog was *Hella vom Leubschimoos* which arrived in 1982. My first litter of puppies was delivered by *Xenia vom Waldacker* who goes back to the old stuff of the Swiss Bernetta kennel. My present kennel originates from this bitch. An other important link in my kennel was *Helvetia Karnayna von der Treiber*. Together with *Pan vom Mutzbachfall* and *Nozem von der Treiber* they are the founding dogs of my present kennel. 
*Iselle Shalom van Karlshoeve* and *Hector van het Heidemeer* formed a couple responsible for my present Newfoundland population.

Of course we are members of the Breed-Clubs
in Holland and abroad VBSH.& NNFC

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Silvia Schmocker & Dirk Sijtsma

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